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A trading card is a small card featuring cartoons, comic book characters, television series, or movie stills.Trading cards are collectable cards which are sold in packs for the purpose of collecting, as opposed to cards which are given away with other products.  Each pack bought contains a small selection of cards from the set.  Most collectors buy a number of packs, then swap duplicates with their friends in an attempt to complete the set.  Because trading cards often come in much larger sets than cigarette or trade cards, a collector is likely to obtain many duplicates before (if ever) collecting a full set.

The distribution of the cards in the packs is not always entirely random.  It is, perhaps, intentional that some cards are more common than others.  Certain (rarer) cards in some sets hence become more valuable than others.

Trading card sets seem much more prevalent in the United States than in the United Kingdom, primarily because this hobby is of American origin.  They should not be confused with trade cards, which are based on a different concept entirely and are covered in the

Trading Cards are small cards which is intended for trading, collecting and playing games. These often feature cartoons, comic book characters, or television series.

The value of trading cards depends on the subject's popularity and the scarcity of the cards t Cards made before the advent of card collecting was as a widespread hobby,  have become of considerable value.  In more recent years, cards have not necessarily appreciated as much in value due to mass production.

Cards – usually the standard baseball size of 2.5 in. by 3.5 in.
Packs , wax packs the original wrapper -- eight cards per pack  --with base and insert Wrappers – the original pack cover
Retail Cards – cards, packs, boxes, and cases sold to the public
Hobby Cards – sold mainly to collectors,
Blister Packs – bubble pack of cards or packs, for retail peg-hanger sales.
Rack Packs – factory packs of unwrapped cards, for retail peg-hanger sales.
Tins – factory metal can filled with cards or packs, often with inserts.
Boxes – manufacturer's container of multiple packs, often 24 packs per box.
Cases –  crate filled with card boxes, 24 packs per box., Six to twelve  boxes per case. Common Cards – also known as base cards. that form the main set ( Cards 1-200).
Parallel Cards – usually a modification of the main set of base cards which contains extra foil stamping, hologram stamping and are often seen one per pack up to one per 36 packs.
Insert Cards – also known as chase cards. randomly inserted into packs
Promo Cards –  distributed, typically in advance
Redemption Cards – special cards  mailed  for a special card  gift.
Sketch Cards – insert cards with artists sketches.
Autograph Cards – insert cards with artist signature.
Box Topper Cards – cards in a factory  box.
Case Cards –  bonus cards  in a factory case.
Oversized Cards – cards not of standard or widevision size.
Unreleased Cards – cards not officially distributed
Base Sets – a complete set of base cards for a particular card series.
Insert Sets – a complete set of a particular class of inserts, often called a 'subset'.
Master Sets –  a base set without promos, mail-in cards, sketch, or autograph cards.
Factory Sets –  complete base sets sold from the factory.
Uncut Sheets – sheets of uncut base, insert, promo, or other cards.
9-Up Sheets – uncut sheets of nine cards, usually promos.
Sell Sheets – also 'ad slicks'. Usually one page distributed to enhance case sales.

Condition descriptors
Mint condition/Near Mint/Factory Fresh/Pack Fresh – refer to new cards.
Excellent – Very Good – Good – Fair – . Poor –

Trading cards producers
Ace Authentic , Action Packed , Artbox , Bowman Gum (also known as Gum, Inc.) , Card Lynx ,
Cartamundi , Classic , Collector's Edge , Comic Images , Dart Flipcards , Digimon , Donruss ,
Fleer , Futera Sports Cards , Front Row , Game On Sports, Inc.  Gloopy Toys , Goodwin & Company ,
Goudey , Hoops , Inkworks , Insetcards , In The Game , Leaf Candy Company , Leibig ,
Monsterwax,   Nintendo , O-Pee-Chee , Pacific Trading Cards , Panini ,  Parkhurst Products , Pokιmon ,
Philadelphia Gum , Pinnacle Brands , Playoff (company) , Press Pass , Pro Set ,  Pro Line ,
Rittenhouse Archives , SAGE , Score , Select Australia , SkyBox International , TheCardKid Inc, TK Allan ,
Tobacco Bad Kids  Tokenzone, Inc. , Topps ,  , Upper Deck , Webkinz ,
Wild Card , Wizards of the Coast , Yaquinto Printing Co., Inc. .

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