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Electro House Drum & Sample Loops wave

Pro Audio
Computer Recording Software

TrackPak Apple Loops GarageBand Logic R&B Mac DVD-ROM.


Pro Audio Musical Equipment/rack-gear

Pro Audio Speaker Cabinet

Pro Audio

Pro Stereo Power

Pro Audio Musical monitors

Pro Audio



Mackie Spike


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If you are a buyer or a seller of Musical Instruments and would like to buy or offer your Products  in our Online Marketplace or open your free listing direct supply store, you have come to the right place. We offer producers,  private sellers and dealers a place where to show their items listed for sale at auction or fixed price offering buyers a complete line, a huge variety of products and accessories they can choose from.


Computer Audio Equipment

Pro Tools
LE, Digidesign , Mbox 2, Digi 003, and Digi 003 Rack Pro
Computers & iPods
Apple Computers, iMac's, Mac books, PC Laptops, iPods, LCD CRT monitors, and warranty plans.
A to D Converters - Audio Interfaces
Analog to digital & digital to analog converters. Audio Interfaces, Firewire USB, PCI, PCMCIA.
 Professional multi-port MIDI interfaces and Converters
Control Surfaces
 USB, MIDI & FireWire control surfaces for all major computer-based DAW software applications.
Storage / Backup Hard Drives
Backing up your sessions and recordings on an external drive  G-Tech, LaCie,  USB and Firewire Hard drives.
Audio Software and Plug-Ins
audio production software and audio plug-ins for Pro tools, logic, digital performer.
 TDM, LE, VST, AU Plug-ins and DAW systems

Computer Accessories
Keyboards, Battery Backups, CPU, networking hubs, RAM Memory, adapters, converter

Active Studio Monitors
Passive Unpowered Studio Monitors, Subwoofers, Surround Sound Systems,
Studio Monitor Management,Studio Monitor Amplifiers,Headphones,
Headphone Amplifiers & Systems,Monitor Speaker Stands,

Studio Mixers
Analog Studio Mixers , Digital Studio Mixers, Mixer Accessories,

Single Channel PreAmps, Stereo Pre Amps , Multi Channel Pre Amps, Channel Strips ,
Instrument Preamps ,Preamp Accessories,

Signal Processors

Compressors & Limters
Reverb Effect Units , Enhancers & Exciters , Delay Effect Units , Gates & Expanders,
Graphic EQ's , Voice Effects , Mastering Outboard Gear , Parametric EQ's ,
Misc Digital Converters, Word Clocks & Synchronizers, Signal Processors Accessories ,
A to D Converters / Audio Interfaces,

Acoustic Treatment

Complete Solutions
Absorption , Diffusion, Bass Traps, Studio Isolation Tools, Acoustic Construction,
Acoustic Accessories, Acoustic Drum Shields

Recording Microphones
Dynamic Microphones , Condenser Microphones, Ribbon Microphones,
Boundary / PZM Microphones, Microphone Accessories,

Digital Multitrack Recorders

Digital Tape Recorders , Hard Disk Recorders , MultiTrack Accessories,

Digital & Analog Recorders

CD Recorders
Portable WAV/MP3 Recorders,  HD Recorders, Mini Disk Recorders, CD Media.

CD Players
CD players, Rackmount CD players, Broadcast CD players, CD trainers, & Changers.

 high-end audio equipment manufacturers

ASiltech ,  Simaudio , SIM2 Multimedia , Sim Audio , Song Audio, Soundcraftsmen, Stewart , Tandberg, Tannoy , Technics,   Dynaco, Electrocompaniet, EMT, Faroudja , ccuphase , Acoustic Transducer Company (ATC),  Adcom, Advent, Aerial Acoustics , Mark Levinson ,  Martin Logan, Maxell, Meridian,  McIntosh Labs, Musical Fidelity, Myryad, NAD Electronics, Nagra ,  Naim Audio,  Nakamichi,,  New Acoustic Dimension(or NAD), NHT Loudspeakers,  OHM, Onkyo,  Ortofon, Paradigm Electronic,Audio Physic, Audio Research Corp,   ARCAM , Astin Trew , Avalon Acoustics,, Snell. ,Matsushita Electric Industrial Co,  Thorens,  Totem Acoustic, Snell.  Densen , Parasound Products, Pass Labs ,  Pathos Audio ,  Pinnacle Loudspeakers,
 Rothenberg, PS-Audio , Quad Electroacoustics, Rega , ReVox,  Studer. , Roksan,  Rotel,  Sansui,  Shindo Laboratory, Fostex, Graham , Hafler, Halcro , Harman/Kardon , HeadRoom , Klipsch,  Krell, Kyocera ,  Linn Products, Luxman,  Magnepan,  Marantz, McIntosh, Boston Acoustics, Unison Research , Vacuum Tube Logic, Van Den Hul ,  Yamaha,  Ayre , Audio Alchemy , Balanced Audio Technology, Bang & Olufsen, Basis Audio , Blaupunkt,  Bose , Boston Acoustics, Boulder Amplifiers, Bowers & Wilkins, Bryston , Cadence Audio , Cairn , Cambridge Audio, Carver, Cary Audio Design, Castle,Clearaudio , Conrad-Johnson,  Denon,  Holdings,  Marantz, McIntosh, Boston Acoustics,

High-end audio cables
Auditorium 23, Analysis Plus, Avian Tech Solutions, Chord Company, Crystal Cable, Ecosse, IsoTek, Ixos, Kimber, Merlin, MIT, Oehlbach, QED, Siltech, Tara Labs, Transparent, YTER, Van Den Hul
Bose, Etymotic, Sensaphonics, Sennheiser, Shure, Ultimate Ears, Westone, Audio Technica
AKG Acoustics, Audio-Technica, Beyerdynamic, Bose, Denon, Grado, Goldring, Koss, Sennheiser, Sony, Stax, Ultrasone
 Shindo Laboratory, Snell, Song Audio, Sonus Faber, Spendor, Studio Electric, Tannoy, Thiel, Totem Acoustic, Vandersteen, Vienna Acoustics, Klipsch, Linn, Magnat, Magnepan, Martin-Logan,Von Schweikert Audio, Wharfedale, Wilson Audio, Wisdom AudioAuditorium 23, Avalon Acoustics, Bolzano Villetri, Bowers & Wilkins, Burmester, Canton, Cabasse, Dali, DALI, D.A.S. Audio, DCM, Duevel, DLS, Dynaudio, Eggleston Works, Elemental Designs, Genelec, GenESIs, Genesis Physics, German Physik, Infinity, Jamo, JBL, JMlab, KEF,  Mission, Monitor Audio, NHT Loudspeakers, OHM, Paradigm Electronics, Polk Audio, ProAc, PSB, Quadral, Rethm, Revel,

Avid, Clearaudio, Linn Products, NAD Electronics, Origin Live, Pro-Ject Audio Systems, Rega Research, Technics, Wilson Benesch Vestax Numark Stanton

Recording equipment
ADL, API, A Designs Audio, Focusrite, Grace, Great River, Manley Labs, Millennia Music & Media Systems, Neumann, Neve|Rupert Neve Designs, Rode, SSL, Studer, Telefunken, TL Audio, Universal Audio Digital, Apogee, Benchmark, Prism Sound, RME, Tascam, Z-Systems, Audio Design, Crane Song, Eventide, Rosendahl, Drawmer, Lexicon, TC Electronic, Princeton Digital, GML, Jünger, Klark Teknik, Summit Audio, Thermionic Culture, DBX, Chandler, TubeTech, Smart Research, Cedar, Empirical Labs, Sony Oxford, Audient, Euphonix, DACS, Microtech Geffell, D.W.Fearn, Mackie, Daking, Soundfield, Holophone, Soundcraft, Yamaha, Klotz, Phoenix Audio, Urei Dolby, SPL, Martinsound, Korg, Sound Devices, AEA, Wunder Audio, Coles, Blue Coconut, NHT, Briscasti Design, Royer Beyerdynamic, DPA, Earthworks, Digi Co, Klein & Hummel, PMC, Digidesign, Scheops, Lizard Labs, Tannoy, Dynaudio, Sonifex, DK-Technologies, Wohler, Metric Halo Labs, MOTU, WK Audio, Roland, Adam, Fairman, Josephson, Genelec, Langevin, True Systems, Trident, ADK, Doepfer Moog, Nord, Fairchild Pultech, Teletronix, Lazy Lizard Labs, EMT, Otari, Ampex, TF Pro, Mojave Audio, Audio Design Recording, Lavry Engineering, Vintech Audio, Sebratron Innovative Australlian Audio, RCA Toft Audio Design





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