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If you are a buyer or a seller of  Health Products and would like to buy or offer your items in our Online Marketplace or open your free listing direct supply store, you have come to the right place. We offer collectors,  private sellers and dealers a place where to show their items, listed for sale at auction or fixed price, offering buyers a complete line, a huge variety of art products  they can choose from.

Aromatherapy  uses volatile liquid plant materials, known as essential oils  and other scented compounds from plants for the purpose of affecting a person's mood or health. Essential oils differ in chemical composition from other herbal products because the distillation process only recovers the lighter phytomolecules.
Aromatherapy is a generic term that refers to any of the various traditions that make use of essential oils sometimes in combination with other alternative medical practices and spiritual beliefs

 One is the influence of aroma on the brain, especially the limbic system through the olfactory system. The other is the direct pharmacological effects of the essential oils.

On the continent aromatherapy is incorporated into mainstream medicine. There, the use of the antiseptic, antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties of oils in the control of infections is emphasized over the more traditional approaches .and essential oils are included in the national pharmacopoeia,

Base products are :
Bottles , Candles ,Carrier Oils , Ceramic Diffusers , Decoders , Car diffusers , Electric Fan diffusers , Electric Oil/tart Warmers , Gift ideas , Hydrosols, ,Massage Oils , Metal diffusers , Nasal Inhalers , Passive Diffusers ,
Perfume, natural , Sachets, ScentBalls , Soaps, Soapstone diffusers ,Tealight diffusers  Storage boxes and cases , Wall Charts

 The use of essential oils contributes to well-being and inner harmony. Aromatherapy is a natural way to feel better using essential oils extracted from naturally aromatic plants such as :

Ambrette Seed , Angelica Root , Angelica Seed , Aniseed Myrtle , Aniseed Organic , Basil Organic CT Methyl Chavicol Vietnam  ,Basil, Holy , Basil, Sweet CT Linalool , Basil, Sweet India , Bay Laurel, Crete, Bay Laurel, Turkey , Beeswax Absolute , Benzoin Resinoid , Bergamot, Bergamot Calabria , Bergamot Mint India , Bergamot, Ivory Coast ,Black Pepper Organic , Black Spruce , Blue Tansy , Butter CO2 Extract , Cajuput , Camphor, White , Caraway Seed , Cardamom , Cardamom Absolute , Carrot Seed , Cassia - Natural , Catnip ,
Cedarwod Himalayan , Cedarwood Atlas Morocco , Celery Seed, Chamomile German Blue Organic , Chamomile Roman, Champa Attar , Chastetree Vitex , Chocolate Peppermint , Cinnamon Bark , Cinnamon Leaf , Citronella India ,Clary Sage , Clary Sage , Clementine , Clove Bud , Cocoa Absolute , Cognac Oil France White ,
Coriander Hungary , Coriander India , Costus Root , Cumin Seed , Cypress , Davana Oil , Dill Seed , Douglas Fir Needle , Elemi , Eucalyptus citridora , Eucalyptus dives , Eucalyptus globulus , Eucalyptus globulus Organic , Eucalyptus polybractea , Eucalyptus radiata ,  Eucalyptus smithi , Eucalyptus staigeriana ,
Fennel Sweet, Fir Balsam , Fir Needle , Fragonia , Frankincense Somalia ,  Frankincense, India, Galbanum , Geranium, E. Yunnan, China , Geranium, India , Ginger , Grapefruit, White, Guaiacwood , Helichrysum italicum ,  Corsica Organic, Helichrysum Italicum Organic , Hemp , Hiba Wood , HoLeaf, Rectified , Honey Myrtle Oil , Howood , Hyssop , Hyssop decumbens , Jasmine Absolute, India , Jasmine Grandiflorum, Jasmine Sambac , Juniper Berries ,Juniper Berry , Labdanum Absolute , Lavandin , Lavandin var Sumian Organic , Lavender High Alp ,
Lavender High Alp , Lavender Standard 40/42 , Lavender Stoechas , Lavender True Organic , Lavender, Spike , Lemon Myrtle , Lemon Organic , Lemon Tea Tree , Lemongrass India Organic , Lime, Cold Pressed Organic ,
Lime, Steam Distill , Litsea May Chang ,Lovage Root , Magnolia Flower Oil , Mandarin, Green , Mandarin, Red , Mandarin, Yellow , Marigold Absolute , Marjoram, Sweet , Marjoram, Wild , Massoia Bark , Mastic ,
Mate Absolute , Melissa , Motia Attar , Myrrh Somalia , Myrtle Organic , Neroli , Neroli . Jojoba , Niaouli , Nutmeg ,OakMoss Absolute Extra , Orange Blossom Absolute , Orange, Bitter Brazil , Orange, Blood Italy ,
Orange, Blood Tarocco , Orange, Sweet , Oregano ,Orris Root Concrete , Palmarosa India , Parsley Seed ,Patchouli ,Patchouli, Iron Free , Peach Tree Leaf Absolute Extra , Peppermint England Organic , Peppermint USA ,
Peru Balsam Oil Extra , Petitgrain , Petitgrain Sur Fleur , Pine Needle , Ravensara aromatica Organic , Rosalina , Rose Absolute, Morocco , Rose Absolute, Turkey , Rose Otto, Rose Otto, Bulgaria , Rosemary CT Camphor ,
Rosemary CT Cineol , Rosemary Verbenone , Greek Sage , Sage, Dalmatian Organic , Sage, Spanish , Sandalwood Yasi  ,Sandalwood, Australia , Savory, Crete , Savory, Summer , Savory, Winter , Sea Buckthorn Berry ,
Seaweed Absolute Extra , Spearmint ,Spikenard, India ,Spruce , Styrax Extra ,Tagetes ,Tangerine , Tarragon ,Tarragon Absolute ,Tea Tree , Tea Tree, Standard , Tea, Black Absolute Extra , Tea, Green Absolute Extra ,
Terebinth ,Thyme Crete T. capitatus , Thyme CT Linalool , Thyme Red Spain , Tobacco Absolute , Tolu Balsam Absolute Extra , Tonka Absolute Extra , Tumeric India , Valerian Root ,Vanilla Bourbon Oleoresin , Vetivert, Haiti,
Vetivert, India , Violet Leaf Absolute , Yarrow Oil, Blue , Ylang Ylang , Yuzu, Pure , Zdravetz ..





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