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The Bronze Age of Comic Books is an informal name for the period between the early 1970s and early 1980s
The 1971 revision to the Comics Code also relaxed the rules on the use of vampires, ghouls and werewolves in comic books, allowing the growth of a number of horror oriented titles, such as Swamp Thing, Ghost Rider and Tomb of Dracula.

The Bronze Age retained many of the conventions of the Silver Age, with brightly colored superhero titles remaining the mainstay of the industry. However darker plot elements and more mature storylines featuring real-world issues, such as drug use, began to appear during the period, prefiguring the later Modern Age of Comic Books.
 Instead a number of events at the beginning of the 1970s, taken together, can be seen as a shift away from the tone of comics in the previous decade.

The end of the Bronze Age is debated, and some do not believe it ended at all.
One commonly used ending point for the Bronze Age is the 1985-1986 timeframe.




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