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 Medieval  coins from the fall of Rome to 1600

Crusades , England,  Low Countries , France & Anglo-Gallic , Germany, Denmark & Italy

Byzantine consisted of mainly tw Coins o types of coins: the gold solidus and a variety of clearly
 valued bronze coins.

The coinage reform of 498 is the demarcation between the Roman and Byzantine Empires. and can be divided in Early Empire  -  Middle Empire
- Late Empire  -  The Latin Conquest -  The Restored EmpireThe Advent of Islam: Arab-Byzantine Coinage .

Byzantine Gold - Anonymous folles - Anastasius I - Justinian Dynasty - Justin I -
Justinian I - Justin II - Tiberius II - Maurice Tiberius - Focas - Heraclean Dynasty - Heraclius
Constans II - Constantine IV - Justinian II - Philippicus - Tiberius III - Isaurian Dynasty -
Leo III - Constantine V - Leo IV - Constantine VI - Irene - Leo V - Theophilus - Macedonian Dynasty - Basil I - Leo VI - Constantine VII - Romanus I - Christopher -Romanus II - Nicephorus II - John I Tzimisces - Basil II - Constantine VIII - Romanus III - Michael IV - Constantine IX - Comnen Dynasty - Isaac Comnenus (Cyprus) - Constantine X - Romanus IV - Michael VII - Nicephorus III - Alexius I - John II - Manuel I - Andronicus I - Dynasty of the Angeli - Isaac II Angelus - Alexius III - Latin Rule -
Empire of Nicaea - John III - Empire of Thessalonica - Theodore Comnenus-Ducas -
The Restored Empire - Michael VIII - Andronicus II - John VIII - Empire of Trebizond -  Alexius IV





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