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In the eighteen century silver coins of 1⁄5, ˝, 1, 2 and 5 bolívares, together with gold 20 bolívares. Gold 100 bolívares were issued followed by silver Ľ bolívar coins and cupro-nickel 5 and 12˝ céntimos .

In nineteen century, production of gold coins ceased and nickel replaced silver in the 25 and 50 céntimos, with the same happening to the 1 and 2 bolívares. In the seventies, cupro-nickel 10 céntimo, 12˝ céntimos a nickel 5 bolívares in Clad steel (first copper, then nickel and cupro-nickel)  Nickel clad steel was introduced for all denominations  in 1989.

In 1998 a new coinage was introduced consisting of 10, 20, 50, 100 and 500 bolívar denominations.
1000 bolívares were recalled due to the coins using the old Coat of Arms. All the coins had  depicted the Libertador Simón Bolívar, together with the inscription "Bolívar Libertador"



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