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What is ? is an  online auction platform,
connecting  buyers  and  sellers worldwide

The internet  auction site atoncer is a marketplace made real representing the best of auctions and the best of democracy. As atoncer's mission statement puts it "atoncer aim is to provide an zero listing fee platform where private sellers and dealers can Bid or buy and sell any products or service overcoming geographic barriers and fully participating in the benefits of the new global economy.

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With access to literally thousand of quality suppliers & manufacturers worldwide, Bidding on is simple…and it's also free!

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We think this free to List Internet auction site.
is the best place to sell online f

It is totally without listing fees, it is free to buy,free to bid,  free to list at online auctions or fixed price, fast, friendly and easy to use,  And we don't own the property ,simply provide the marketplace to bring sellers together with as many qualified buyers as possible intentioned to satisfy both parties.

By charging no listing fees and by allowing sellers to link their auction ads to their own websites we feel we provide one of the best free advertising opportunities on the internet.

Why stash...when we can have cash? Or, convert the stuff we no longer want...into stuff you do! There are  thousands of new, brand-name products plus collectables and more, with new items added daily. It's only our choice: convert to cash or in products we want.

With convenience, speed, and the power of the Internet, it’s easy to see why so many bidders, and so many sellers, say online auctions bring unmatchable value.

Sign up, buy, bid, sell and even open your own store free of charge. So get the kids together, clean out the garage and turn that clutter into cash – without paying any fees!

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AtOncer is an international online auction center providing free on-line listing and bidding services to the world-wide community with end-to-end coverage of all the phases necessary in meeting the seller's needs in the most effective ways to promote  business and products online…naturally it's also offer zero listing fee!

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The online auction commerce model is one in which participants bid for products and services over the Internet. made possible through auction software which regulates the various processes involved.

Several types of online auctions are possible .but the english auction , where the initial price starts low and is bid up by successive bidders, it is the most used.

You can sell cars, sell a house, sell baseball cards, or  even sell antiques and art ... whatever you are trying to sell, we have a category for you, and we are constantly adding new auction categories and are open to any suggestions you may have in that regard.

The strategic advantages of this business model include:

- No time constraints. Bids can be placed at any time (24/7). giving potential buyers time to search, think, and buy. This convenience increases the number of potential buyers.

- No geographical limitations. Bidders can Bid from anywhere that has online access. This makes products more accessible reducing the cost of "attending" a sale to zero.. This increases the number of listed items and the number of bidders.

-The products do not have to be sent to a central location, reducing costs,  reducing the seller's minimum acceptable price and, because of the  ease of access, the reduced selling costs and the social benefits of the bidding process, there is a large numbers of potential bidders

-- Unlike on-the-ground, an online auction is a no-risk method to move merchandise since atoncer,  making it comforting to sellers, charge no fee to list an item and the seller pays a commission only when the product sells.

- Online auctions present a special opportunity to look at numerous options in a location of your choosing. You can consider different opportunities instantaneously, many miles away, and quickly identify products that fit your needs.

- Rich with information and extensive information describing the essentials of a product let bidders assess the value of an item easily and eventually request more information  using the option that allows them  to communicate directly with the sellers.

Online Auctions: Good for Buyers and Sellers

It’s no secret that more people are buying more products through online auctions, for today’s buyer and seller there’s much to like about online auctions. many people prefer to do their buying and selling online
bidding from home, the office, an airport  — virtually anywhere and anytime.--- with the privacy, anonymity, and easy availability of an online auction

Online auctions happen relatively quickly. A “preview” of the product will be available online followed thereafter by the bidding period with winning bids legally binding, and no more contingencies!

Register for free and List your items  using up to 1000 words and up to four photos for each item and we'll continue to run your listing for as long as you'd like.  If the property is priced right, there should be bids and If the property doesn’t sell This will help you adjust pricing accordingly and re-list the item
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