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If you are a buyer or a seller of Antiques and would like to buy or offer your items †in our Online Marketplace or open your free listing direct supply store, you have come to the right place. We offer collectors,  private sellers and dealers a place where to show their items, listed for sale at auction or fixed price, offering buyers a complete line, a huge variety of antique products and accessories they can choose from.

Folk art -- also called naÔve art, primitive , popular art, outsider art, traditional art and even working class art.--  describes a wide range of objects that reflect the craft traditions and traditional social values of various social groups. Folk art is generally produced by people who have little or no academic artistic training and use established techniques and styles of a particular region or culture. Along with painting, sculpture, and other decorative art forms, some also consider utilitarian objects such as tools and costume as folk art.

Antique folk art is collected today based mostly on its artistic merit.. Examples include: ,
 Naif painting, sculptures, Dolls, Frames, Furniture, Stacking boxes, Baskets, Ironworks, Decoys, Stoneware,Textiles , Prints and decorative art forms. Utilitarian objects   such as tools,  dinnerware and costumes, weathervanes, old store signs and carved figures, itinerant portraits, carousel horses, fire buckets, painted game boards, cast iron doorstops and  similar lines of highly collectible "whimsical" antiques distinguished from traditional art in that it was never intended as a category to be art for artís sake.





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